Black Mountain Modern is an architect friendly builder

Inspired by the avant garde philosophy of the Black Mountain College in the 1930s, our idea was to set up a building company that supported architects in new visions rather than past precedent. We have learned to become literate in the language of design and form so that your design, your vision and your manifesto is transferred to the building site.

Declan Deasey has passion for architecture and an extensive library of architectural design and construction. He can be often found at Architext reading and buying books of architectural design and discourse. Mid Century Modern design and culture features strongly in the library. The design elegance, construction and material economy of this movement applicable to both beach house or extensive residence has captured his imagination.

Declan puts his money where his mouth is. In his own development, four town-houses in Parkville, Black Mountain Modern engaged prominent architects KTA with a modernist brief to design and document the project.It is now in the final stages of town planning.

Collaborative Mindset

Too often the building site culture is antagonistic towards the architect. We don’t have that attitude on site. It’s not how we work.

We include rather than exclude the architect at site. This is often done simply by including the architect in the initial site safety brief. The architect is encouraged to be inducted into site team. They are not seen as an outsider but rather a supporter. Visiting site becomes more valuable when the building team is motivated and engaged with the architects.

We’re about exceptional workmanship and outcomes through engagement and collaboration. We want long term relationships with all our architects and to see them achieve excellence in their field.

Black Mountain Modern is a design literate builder

We encourage architects to share their architectural design sensibilities and concepts, even the client brief, so that we can offer appropriate solutions to meet aesthetic and budgetary demands.

By their nature sometimes plans need interpretation. This doesn’t necessarily mean “variation”. Black Mountain Modern endeavors to offer solutions to architects ahead of time and circumvent variations.

Black Mountain Modern is technologically proficient

Always learning, we seek out new construction methods and greater efficiencies. We will embrace new ways, by taking the time and advice from architect and manufacturer to fully understand the system instead of loading our tender price – afraid of unknowns.

Much of what we now know about how to achieve the aesthetic of thinness, lightness, transparency, and openness came from modernist architects and builders pushing early 20th Century material types to their limit. Nowadays with greater awareness for energy efficiency and better material technologies, the modernist aesthetic can be fully realised.

Good architecture with a leaky roof or cold draughty open plans are a thing of the past. The move towards zero emission buildings is an exciting challenge for builders and architects.

Black Mountain Modern is environmentally aware

We strive to understand the urban fabric and the need for greater urban densities while providing sustainable development. In our own development in Parkville we held design quality, response to the urban fabric and community above profit margin and maximum site yields. Our brief to architect and engineers included the use of trombe walls and subterranean air conditioning  systems.

During the Tender Period

Black Mountain Modern are not afraid to ask the “dumb” question, or come in to the office or go to site to avoid potential variations. Some builders may see the money in a variation and lick lips in anticipation. Black Mountain Modern works hard in collaboration and communication with the architect to restrict variations. Black Mountain Modern understands the work required by architects to process variations, and the stress of clients facing additional costs.

Black Mountain Modern is transparent

Black Mountain Modern is unafraid of disclosing profit and contingencies.
Black Mountain Modern acknowledges the value to architects of detailed tender breakdowns to all elements and trades including in preliminary costs.

Black Mountain Modern would appreciate being considered to be on your tender list for any upcoming residential projects.

Please contact us to discuss domestic projects at any stage of the the design process or at tender stage.