Company Profile

Black Mountain Modern specialises in producing quality domestic building work for Melbourne architectural firms.

  • Black Mountain Modern holds an unlimited license for domestic building work (DB-U36191)
  • Master Builder Registration 206222
  • Green Living Accreditation in sustainable construction.
  • Black Mountain Modern Pty Ltd has been operating in Melbourne since 2010
  • Located at 44 Manningham Street Parkville, our office is within 5 minutes drive of many inner city architectural practices.

Our Philosophy


Our company takes its name from Black Mountain College. Black Mountain College was founded in North Carolina in 1933. Its motto was “fully awake”. We took Black Mountain as our namesake because we strive to be a progressive, innovative builder. We are awake to the confluence of conditions which create the context within which we do our job. We build homes in an era of unprecedented technological advancement.

The Bauhaus faculty fled Germany at the start of WWII and brought with them progressive ideas on art style and philosophy. Many of the Bauhaus figures became key figures in the modernist movement.

Joseph Albers, formerly a professor at the Bauhaus, became the head of painting at Black Mountain College. Among his students was Robert Rauschenberg.

Walter Gropius taught at Black Mountain College. It was in the campus yard that Buckminster Fuller collaborated to construct the first geodesic dome. Both of these individuals challenged traditional building and design paradigms. Our own Harry Seidler studied under Gropius at Harvard and brought his own version of modernism to conservative Australia. Seidler was a student at Black Mountain College.

Black Mountain Modern represents the craftsmanship faculty working closely with the design faculty in order to fully realise the potential of an idea. Like Black Mountain College, we see our role as supporting a group of artists who display talent in their chosen medium. In this instance the artistic group being Melbourne architects.


We offer an uncompromising professional service that adapts to our clients’ varying needs through transparency of communication. We treat our clients as partners in delivering a desired outcome. Common goals are shared.


We strive to maintain our good reputation within the community where we work and live. Black Mountain Modern employs ethical business practices and we seek engagement with clients who seek the same.


We encourage our involvement early in the design process to provide cost planning and build-ability services. We believe that this provides the architect and client a valuable service and ultimately leads to a transparent contractual relationship.


We seek to engage with the architect to better understand the practical application of the design.

Why work in isolation when it makes things so much easier when firms are familiar with each-others practices, personnel and processes?


We strive to develop our level of construction sophistication.

At Black Mountain Modern we like our team to learn new things. We are living in a time of unprecedented change in the way we live our lives. We recognise that never before has there been as much choice in material types, systems, and processes.


At Black Mountain Modern we believe that the quality achieved in a building project is determined by the culture of the team working on the site. Site culture permeates all aspects of day-to-day building work. By encouraging excellence, being supportive and using a collaborative approach, our employees are indoctrinated into the Black Mountain Modern culture.


We seek to retain and nurture our employees and subcontractors – to grow with them – and have lasting relationships. At all times Black Mountain Modern respects safe building and strict OH&S adherence.


We acknowledge that all aspects of construction are tough – from raising the money for a development, to designing and pushing the vision over the permit hurdles, to the physical strain of actual construction. All of these aspects require resolve, discipline and determination. Black Mountain Modern has the background, training and drive to see a project through to completion.