Director’s Profile

Director and Founder: Declan Deasey Age: 40
Born: Melbourne

Declan Deasey has been working in the construction industry for 10 years.

Declan’s father was writer Denison Deasey. A close friend of David and Arthur Boyd, Max Harris and Albert Tucker. What’s relevant is that he was a passionate patron of the post war Melbourne arts movement. His belief in fostering radical creative talent, and of challenging societies views on what art is, has been passed on to his children today. Declan is interested in giving patronage to inspired architecture firms, with a view to fostering talent.

Through Black Mountain Modern Declan aims to create linkages between contemporary architects and trade craftsmen. This to foster a syndicate of creative and practical talent, promoting an “in house” concept of accomplishing great quality in design and build.

“In the construction industry great talent resides within the trades. It is largely neglected and mismanaged. Given scarce opportunity to build skills to a master level, most tradespeople move constantly between builders and odd jobs. My father knew how to spot great talent, and so do I. Black Mountain Modern is my opportunity to foster talented tradespeople and channel them into building the work of inspired melbourne designers.” Declan Deasey

Prior to re-skilling as a master builder, Declan served for 10 years in the ADF, managing resources and high risk projects for Australian Army Special Operations. He brings discipline and a strong project-focused skill set to the company.

“I saw in the military what a close-knit highly skilled group can achieve. I’m passionate
about bringing this focus to Black Mountain Modern. In my experience in the construction
industry, it is evident that the skills I have gained through the rigours of service can be of
direct value to my clients” Declan Deasey